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Older People’s Programme Group (OPPG)

The Older People’s Programme Group (OPPG) is a partnership of statutory and voluntary organisations with older people representatives that have an overview and co-ordinate services and initiatives that improve the quality and effectiveness of services for older people in South Gloucestershire. It oversees the delivery of the ageing well theme of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Work over the last year has included:

  • Ongoing strategy updates from each lead manager for the ageing well theme of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Oversight of the action plans for: dementia, carers and falls prevention strategies
  • Information sharing: Health Watch, flu programme, sensory awareness and home care survey, reminiscence project and integrated care in practices
  • OPPG contributed to the proposed changes to community based support and the new care home contract
  • A conversation about improving mental health services ensuring they are accessible for older people
  • Revising the groups terms of reference
  • Agreeing the development of an Older People’s Plan for South Gloucestershire