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7. Our priorities for change 2017 – 2019

Safety and safeguarding – protecting vulnerable children and adults

Delivery of the Safeguarding Adults Board Strategic Priorities

Equitable access

  • Develop processes and pathways for adult carers of disabled children and young carers, building on the ‘Do you look after someone’ getting help and connected model.
  • To develop a participation and engagement strategy with service users, carers and young people and with our key partners.
  • Undertake an ‘all age’ review of respite and short break options available to support people who use services and carers in South Gloucestershire and subject to the outcomes of the review to commission appropriate solutions.
  • Review planned for 2017-18 of all public health lifestyle services including Health Promotion Resource and Information Service to inform future delivery models including scoping options for a healthy lifestyles hub and recommissioning of primary care services.


  • Working with CCG colleagues and partners to continue to support the introduction of personal health budgets and ensure a ‘South Gloucestershire’ approach which enables both a smooth transfer between CHC and DPs and a simple common sense approach which works for individuals who have dual personal budgets.
  • Implementing new Better Care Fund Plan with NHS partners and other stakeholders.

Strong partnerships

  • Publish new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy covering the period 2017 – 2021
  • Publish new or refreshed Market Position Statement in 2018/19
  • We will contribute to the formulation and implementation of the NHS led Sustainability and Transformation Plan for the BNSSG area.

Skilled workforce

  • Develop a comprehensive workforce strategy

Effectiveness – evidenced based and value for money

  • Deliver departmental projects as part of the council savings programme and implement the outcomes of our integration projects
  • Core standards and quality assurance plan and regime in place for adult services.