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Part 5 – Children missing from school

It is strongly recommended that schools have risk assessments in place the cover the following:

  • Students leaving school during the day
  • A student being separated from the class during a school trip

The risk assessments should consider the sequence of the planned actions in these circumstances and the person assigned to carry out the different actions.

  • The risk assessment needs to take into account a number of circumstances including:
  • The age of the student
  • The location
  • Specific factors associated with the student e.g. medical issues, child protection issues

If a school is involving the police they will need to be able to inform the police of:

  • Details of the clothing the student is wearing
  • Details of the student appearance e.g. hair colour, hair length etc.
  • Age of the student
  • Name of the student
  • The student’s home address
  • Last know location of the student
  • Where the student appeared to be heading

Students not arriving for registration

Schools should have clear procedures in place to ensure that students who do not arrive at school are safe.