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11. Safeguarding

Young people who use education health and social care support services and their parents are able to make their own decisions and calculate and take risks which they deem to be acceptable to lead their lives their way.

When parents or young people are managing a direct payment and purchasing or arranging support, they have a responsibility to be aware of safeguarding issues.  Parents and young people have a responsibility to ensure services are safe and of acceptable quality, and that any services arranged through a direct payment are appropriately registered and monitored. It is strongly recommended by the council that any personal assistants are checked under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). For personal assistants working with people aged under 18, or when personal assistants are working with adults but children or young people are within the household, any personal assistants employed have to receive a satisfactory DBS check prior to the personal assistant starting work. The CCG’s policy is that all personal assistant have to receive a satisfactory DBS check, regardless of the age of the person receiving support.

For more information please visit the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding website –