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4. Personal budgets

Personal budgets make clear the resources available to children and families under the EHC plan, so that the council shares the decisions about the provision of support with children and their families, to find solutions and support that work best for them. It is based on an approach which puts the child or young person and their family at the centre of the process, and offers more choice and control about the services they receive in relation to their educational, health and care needs and outcomes. Personal budgets are focused on securing the provision and outcomes agreed in the EHC plan.[1]

Personal budgets are not from a new pot of money; parents and families won’t get the support they get now and a personal budget on top. Personal budgets are a more transparent way to spend the money that is available on support for children and young people with disabilities.  A personal budget may be used to meet needs that are additional to, or different from, what is required by most children from local services, as set out in the local offer.


[1] See section 9.20 – 9.29 for full description: SEND Code of Practice January 2015