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Existing and proposed site sections and finished floor/site levels – required in some cases

Such plans drawn at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 should show a cross section(s) through the proposed building(s). In all cases where a proposal involves a change in ground levels, illustrative drawings should be submitted to show both existing and finished levels to include details of foundations and eaves and how encroachment onto adjoining land is to be avoided. Identify existing and proposed ground levels where significant cut and fill operations are proposed, or where slopes in excess of 1 in 20 exist ( or will exist).

Full information should also be submitted to demonstrate how proposed buildings relate to existing site levels and neighbouring development. Such plans should show existing site levels and finished floor levels (with levels related to a fixed datum point off site) and also show the proposals in relation to adjoining buildings. This will be required for all applications involving new buildings.

In the case of householder development, the levels may be evident from floor plans and elevations, but particularly in the case of sloping sites it will be necessary to show how proposals relate to existing ground levels or where ground levels outside the extension would be modified.

Example shown not to scale

Example shown not to scale