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Floor plans

Floor plans show the layout of the building.

In most cases, two separate sets of floor plans will be required: “existing” floor plans showing the building as it is now and “proposed” floor plans showing how the building will look, after the works have been carried out.

Floor plans should:

  • Be to a scale of 1:100 or 1:50.
  • Be clearly annotated existing and proposed.
  • Show all floor levels (including roof levels) of the building(s) being constructed, altered or extended, in relation to the remainder of the building.
  • Clearly state the use of each room and include position of windows, doors, walls and partitions.
  • Clearly label each floor.
  • Show the property boundary and parts of adjoining properties.
  • State whether or not there will be any encroachment (eg foundations) onto any adjoining property if the proposed building is sited on a boundary.
  • Identify anything to be demolished.
  • Show the direction of north.
Example shown not to scale

Example shown not to scale