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Landscaping plans/details

If the proposal involves any works that would affect any trees within the application site, for example, the felling of a tree or the pruning or lopping of branches, or if the proposal involves any new planting, landscaping details and plans will be required.

Landscaping plans should accurately show:

  • The position and spread of the existing trees.
  • Details of any trees to be retained and measures to be taken to protect the trees.
  • The species of the trees and details of their condition.
  • An indication of which, if any, are to be felled.
  • Details of the size, species and positions of trees to be planted and boundary treatments.

Landscaping schemes

In many instances the submission of landscaping details can be a condition of the planning permission. In some cases specialist detail, for example a tree survey or detailed design may be required when submitting landscaping schemes. It is recommended that you discuss with officers the scope and detail required prior to submission.