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Presentation and submission of plans

  • All plans and drawings must be accurately drawn, to a suitable standard, using a conventional metric scale such as 1:100 or 1:50.
  • Plans/drawings containing disclaimers such as “Not to scale” and “Do not scale” will not be accepted by the council (perspectives excepted). Drawings must be drawn true to stated scales. The following statement is acceptable – “Responsibility is not accepted for errors made by others in scaling from this drawing. All construction information should be taken from figured dimensions only”.
  • It is good practice to include relevant measured dimensions on plans/drawings.
  • The clearest way to present your proposals is to group “existing” and “proposed” drawings side by side, using the same scale for both.
  • Each plan/drawing should have a title box stating:
    • the address
    • the proposal
    • the title of the drawing (eg “existing rear elevation, proposed floor plan”)
    • the date
    • the scale of the drawing, and a unique drawing number, eg D1, D2, D3, etc.
  • Any revisions to the drawings should be clearly identified with a new number, eg D1a, D2b, D3c, etc. The date and details of the revision should also be indicated on the drawing.
  • Please fully annotate your plans and drawings to make them completely understandable, eg if a line is shown on the plan between two properties, annotate by stating “boundary fence”.
  • Every plan (including all copies) that is based upon Ordnance Survey maps should have the appropriate Ordnance Survey copyright notice.
  • It is good practice to submit the site location plan on a separate sheet of paper to aid consultation.
  • It is helpful to include with your application a covering letter giving details of the background of the site, the submitted proposal, and key considerations.
  • A separate list or schedule of drawings, plans and documents, to include the drawing numbers and total number of copies, should be submitted with the application.
  • Two copies of each drawing/plan should be submitted with your application:
  • When submitting an application for a proposed major development, it would be helpful to submit further sets of plans for consultation purposes.