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Dos and don’ts of applying for a school place

  • Complete a common application form on line at or a paper form and submit by 15 January 2018
  • Express a preference for three schools
  • Consider how you will get your child to school
  • Consider naming your local school as one of your preferences. If you do not express a preference for your local school you will not be considered for a place there and may receive an offer of a place some distance from your home address. Transport arrangements will be your responsibility
  • Sibling links: If you expect to have more than one child on roll at a school, name the youngest sibling as opposed to the eldest
  • Check whether any school you are interested in requires you to complete a supplementary information form as well as the common application form
  • Where applicable return supplementary information forms to voluntary aided schools and academies. The closing date for supplementary information forms may differ from the closing date for the common application form (NB everyone must complete a common application form regardless of the school). Please check with the individual school concerned for details. Voluntary aided school and academy admission policies are provided in the “Admission to voluntary aided primary schools and academies” section
  • Use the address where you are living as at 15 January 2018 and tell us if you know your address is going to change before 15 January 2018
  • Tell us if your circumstances change
  • Provide evidence if you feel there are exceptional reasons for your preference
  • Attend school open evenings, obtain copies of the school prospectus and consider all the necessary information to help inform your school preferences
  • Be honest. You need to make sure the information you give us is accurate. We may withdraw an offer of a place where the application was fraudulent or intentionally misleading
  • Miss the deadline for submitting your application form. If you miss the deadline your preferences will not be considered until places have been offered to all children for whom we received an application by the submission date of 15 January 2018
  • Name the same school three times: this will be considered as one preference
  • Name a school if you don’t want a place there
  • Assume that you do not need to apply for your local school. You must complete an application form. Even if you have spoken to your local school to inform them that you wish to be considered for a place, this does not constitute an application and is not part of the application process
  • Assume that just because your child attends nursery at a particular school that you will automatically be offered a place. You will need to apply for a place in reception regardless
  • Assume that you do not need to apply for the school where you already have other children in attendance – you must complete an application form
  • Assume that South Gloucestershire Council offers automatic priority to siblings. The council offers priority to local siblings only. You will need to check the definition of local siblings to see whether or not you are likely to be considered under the local sibling criterion. Please refer to the “How are places allocated” section for details.