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On behalf of the Head Teachers, Governors, teachers and support staff, we welcome you to South Gloucestershire’s Primary Schools Admission Guide for parents and carers of children starting secondary education in September 2019.

Choosing the school you would prefer your child to attend is an important decision.  The information in this booklet is intended to help you make that decision by explaining how the process works and signposting you to sources of further information and advice.  Please take the opportunity to read this booklet, to consider the information set out in it and to seek any further advice you need.

We are strongly committed to driving up educational standards and to improving South Gloucestershire as a place to live and work.  Our priorities in the Council Plan 2016-2020 include:

  • To have all young people well educated and skilled, and prepared for the future
  • To ensure that our children have the best possible start in life
  • To have a skilled workforce that meets the diverse needs of employers
  • To reduce the attainment gap in schools, associated with lower incomes.

Educational excellence and fulfilment of potential is supported and achieved through the successful partnership between all partners, including children, parents and carers, schools and academies and the council.  This partnership is vital to ensuring that under the South Gloucestershire Council Co-ordinated Admission Scheme, the council can make sure that all parents and carers receive an offer of a place on national offer day.

We wish you and your child well in moving on through their education.


Councillor Toby Savage

Leader of South Gloucestershire Council


Chris Sivers

Director for Children, Adults and Health