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What happens to my application?

Considering your preferences

Once we receive your completed application (by the closing date of 15 January 2018) we will consider all your preferences and we will try to offer you a place at one of your preferred schools.

Applications for all schools will be considered under an ‘equal preference’ system. This means that all your preferences will initially be considered equally against the admission criteria regardless of your ranking. This does not mean that we disregard your preferences; it means that in the event that you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at your first preference school, your second preference will not be treated any less favourably just because you placed school two as your second preference.

If your child qualifies for a place at more than one school the highest ranked place available will be offered. If you are not offered a place at your highest ranking school, the alternative school may be one of your other preferences or the next nearest appropriate school with a place available.

In the case of parents/carers resident in South Gloucestershire being refused a place at their preferred school(s), an alternative school place will be offered to their child at the nearest appropriate school/academy to the home address with a place available and they will be informed of the options available at that stage including their right of appeal.

Processing your application (co-ordinated scheme)

All local authorities must have a co-ordinated admission scheme which allows details of applications to be shared with other admission authorities as appropriate, to ensure that parents/carers receive an offer of a single place on the offer date.

South Gloucestershire will pass the details of applications received on to other local authorities as appropriate by 30 January 2018 by electronic data transfer. Own admission authority schools (voluntary aided schools and academies) in South Gloucestershire named on the common application forms will be sent details of their applications by 6 February 2018 by electronic data transfer. Own admission authority schools will not be notified of the rank order of an applicant’s preferences.

South Gloucestershire voluntary aided primary school and academy admission authorities will consider and rank all applications received, including any supplementary data, with reference to their own over-subscription criteria where necessary. Ranked lists of potential offers will then be returned by electronic data transfer to South Gloucestershire by the voluntary aided primary school and academy admission authorities, including the reason why each applicant qualified for a place, by 27 February 2018. The list will also include those pupils, for whom a place cannot be offered, in rank order, explaining the reasons for refusal against the over-subscription criteria, and in the order in which additional offers will be made should places become available.

By 23 March 2018 South Gloucestershire Council will inform other local authorities of the offers to be made to parents/carers living in its area. By the same date, other local authorities will inform South Gloucestershire Council of the outcome of applications made for other local authority schools by South Gloucestershire residents. South Gloucestershire Council then considers all potential offers in order to determine the single offer of a reception year place to be made to parents/carers in its area on 16 April 2018.

Late applications and changes of preference

Applications received after the closing date are ‘late applications’ and will not normally be considered for the initial allocation of places. However, South Gloucestershire will consider the circumstances of a late application before deciding whether or not to consider it along with the on-time applications.

A change of preference received after the closing date will be considered as a ‘late application’ unless there are exceptional circumstances for the change.

For over-subscribed schools, if places become available following the initial allocation of places for a school, the same criteria will be applied to ‘late applications’, formal appeals and applications for children whose parents/carers have indicated in writing that they still wish to be considered for a place. Where a place can be offered at a preferred school for a child on the waiting list, any place previously offered at a lower preference school will be withdrawn.

In the case of over-subscribed schools, all late applications received since the closing date and up to 18 May 2018 will be considered in the second round of allocations.

In the case of under-subscribed schools, all late applications will be allocated in date order of receipt. If any under-subscribed school becomes over-subscribed owing to the number of late applications, places will be allocated using the published over-subscription criteria.

Details of late applications, on time applicants still seeking a place at their preferred schools and of places not accepted following the initial allocations will be exchanged with voluntary aided schools, academies and other local authorities as far as possible by 8 May 2018 to enable a second round of allocations for all schools to commence on 18 May 2018.

The co-ordinated admissions process will continue to be operated, with application data being exchanged with voluntary aided schools, academies and other local authorities as appropriate, for all applications received up to 31 August 2018.

Moving house/change of address

Parents/carers must write to the Admissions and Transport Team as soon as possible, attaching proof of the change of address. It is the home address of the child as at the closing date of 15 January 2018 that determines the priority given to applications for the first round of allocations. Parents/carers are advised to take this into account in advance as any subsequent changes of preferences submitted after the closing date will be dealt with alongside the late applications.