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2. The South Gloucestershire Public Health and Wellbeing Division

2.1      The role of public health

Public health looks at the big picture of what can make a difference to people’s health. It involves advocacy and action to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce health inequalities, prevent disease, protect health and improve healthcare services. As a society we need to make sure the physical and social environment supports everyone’s health and wellbeing in order to minimise ill-health as well as treating people who are sick. We want everyone to be able to make healthier choices that lead to healthier lives, both mentally and physically, regardless of circumstances.

Public health applies in three broad areas: health protection, health improvement and health services. Public health staff monitor population health data, identify health needs, help develop appropriate services and evaluate health programmes.

Some of the main challenges facing public health in South Gloucestershire are population growth, ageing and health outcomes in Priority Neighbourhoods.

2.2      The public health and wellbeing division and our principles

The public health and wellbeing division is led by the Director of Public Health, Dr Mark Pietroni. The structure of the division and the leading staff are shown in Figure 1.

The principles of the team in terms of purpose, vision and values are defined below.

Our purpose

To promote and protect the health of the population of South Gloucestershire and to advocate for those whose voice is seldom heard.

Our vision

To improve healthy life expectancy and reduce health inequalities in South Gloucestershire.

Our values

  • we have a culture of excellence
  • our work is evidence based and outcome focused
  • we are outward looking and client centred
  • we are a learning Division who reflect and evaluate
  • we are creative, innovative and dynamic
  • we are open, trusting and work in partnership

Our priorities for the next two years

  • mental health & wellbeing
  • childhood poverty
  • alcohol harm reduction
  • health in schools programme
  • childhood obesity
  • domestic abuse
  • preventing young people starting to smoke
  • partnership working across South Gloucestershire Council and with the Clinical Commissioning Group
  • commissioning for the health visitor transfer in to the council
  • commissioning of sexual health services
Public Health & Wellbeing Division Management Team and Programme Leads
Figure 1. Public Health & Wellbeing Division Management Team and Programme Leads
Health Protection Public Health Intelligence

Young People Drug & Alcohol Services (YPDAS)

Early Years

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

Breast Feeding

Health in Schools


Choices 4 U

Health Champions

Healthy Eating


Built Environment

Walking for Health

Drugs & Alcohol

Support to services in community & prison

NPS Pilot

Alcohol Support Nurse

Stop Smoking

Tobacco Control

NHS Health checks