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Section 5: Looking forward

In summary

In this report we have provided a retrospective summary of the progress made against our agreed local priorities and objectives. We have described patterns of inequality in the distribution of health outcomes and determinants across our population. We have articulated the need to undertake an objective evaluation of identified health needs to support the prioritisation of public health resources and activity.

In this final section, we look at how we will use this information in our work over the coming year.

Outline of planned work for the year ahead

Divisional review

The strategic review of the priorities, structure and form of the public health and wellbeing division will take place between June and December 2016 when a final proposal for service reconfiguration will be agreed. The review will include a public consultation between July and September 2016 where residents, partner organisations and other stakeholder will be invited to comment on the identified options for development.

In addition to realising the savings required by reductions in the public health ringfenced grant, this review provides an opportunity for the council to ensure that the structure and function of the division is designed to effectively and efficiently meet the needs outlined in the JSNA.

Joint health needs assessment

The 2016 JSNA will be the last time that the whole document will be comprehensively reviewed in a single year-long project. Instead we will introduce a rolling programme of specific needs assessment which will be used to update the information in the existing JSNA chapters.

Joint health and wellbeing strategy

The current Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) was developed and agreed in 2013 and is due to be reviewed and updated this year. The needs identified in the JSNA, along with other evidence, will be used to develop priority objectives for the next three years.

Public health viewpoint survey

The public health and wellbeing division will be working with the consultation and engagement team to develop a local survey of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of South Gloucestershire residents. The survey will be run through the council’s Viewpoint panel on an annual basis to help improve our understanding of how these determinants are associated with observed health outcomes.

Ward and priority neighbourhood profiles

Building on the analyses undertaken in preparing this report, the public health intelligence team will shortly be developing local profiles at both electoral ward and priority neighbourhood levels to help communities and elected representatives to identify, champion and address the health and wellbeing needs within their local areas.

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