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Actively seek to capture and act upon the voice of those affected by safeguarding concerns

What has been achieved

The Communication and Engagement subgroup has grown, with a number of partner agencies joining the subgroup. Representation is from South Gloucestershire CCG, Avon & Somerset Constabulary, Sirona, South Gloucestershire youth services, South Gloucestershire safeguarding leads for both adults and children and is chaired by Freeways, a charity that supports people with learning disabilities. Due to this diversity of representation there is a wider opportunity to gather views and think widely about the views of adults and children affected by safeguarding concerns.

Areas of weakness

  • hearing the voice of people in ‘hard to reach’ and minority groups
  • regular completion of the ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ form.

2017-18 priorities

  • identifying those who are affected by safeguarding who are not currently being reached effectively. We will make use of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) to support this
  • make better use of existing service user groups within the Communication and Engagement subgroup and the wider SGSAB
  • look at strengthening the process of safeguarding and ensuring all adults and adults at risk are aware of the process and what this entails
  • production of leaflets, with participation of service users to distribute to members of the public
  • measure collation between campaigns and responses
  • monitor responses from making safeguarding personal surveys, and ensure the responses are shared and learning appropriately embedded in practice.