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Assuring the quality of safeguarding practice in South Gloucestershire and prioritising and sharing best practice

What has been achieved

The wide range of multi-agency training programmes has been maintained, contributing to the overall work to ensure that workforces in South Gloucestershire have high standards around safeguarding adults, know what they need to do to support vulnerable people and can spot and report any concerns quickly.

The second local workforce survey on the theme of safeguarding adults and mental capacity training has provided valuable information and examples of how agencies are taking positive steps to safeguard vulnerable adults. A number of areas of good practice were highlighted.

Making safeguarding personal has been incorporated into the social work team’s process for safeguarding. Questionnaires are given to service users.

Areas of weakness

We need to lead work on behalf of the SGSAB to recommend what the local expectations for safeguarding training should be for different types of worker, based on their level of responsibility in safeguarding, and at each stage of their employment.

We also need to set out the content that training should cover at each ‘level’, detailing what the SGSAB expects this will include.

Not all social workers are giving the making safeguarding personal documents out on a consistent basis. The data shows that there are big variations in the responses received from individual social workers. There is clearly work to do to ensure this happens on a more consistent basis.

2017-18 priorities

To enable the workforce to understand the best practice for safeguarding training as described above, we plan to use national competency frameworks for safeguarding adults to provide a clear set of expectations. We plan to launch these by the end of 2017. This will give clear information to help employers when choosing a safeguarding training provider, because they can insist that the training covers the SGSAB expectations.

To promote use of the ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ forms and continue to monitor and audit their use. To support teams to ensure this information is gathered in an appropriate manner. This will include providing an online version of the form on the SGSAB website.

The Policy and Procedure subgroup will incorporate lessons learned from multi-agency audits undertaken by the Quality Assurance subgroup, along with safeguarding adult reviews, when developing and reviewing procedures and practice guidance.