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Care in South Gloucestershire

Increasingly, people are being supported at home for longer periods. In general homes for people with learning difficulties or disabilities tend to be smaller than homes for older people. Homes for people with learning difficulties house 3 – 35 people and care homes, including nursing homes for older people house 23 – 80 people.


Statistics about care accommodation

According to figures obtained from the last Census (2011) the growth in older people in South Gloucestershire is above the national average.

From a safeguarding perspective a higher proportion of older people will be perceived as at risk as a result of ill health or disability.

Demographics for people over 65

The statistics in this map diagram show the age group data for adults over 65 living in South Gloucestershire according to the mid-year estimates published by the Office for National Statistics.

Ethnicity in South Gloucestershire

This ethnicity data for people in South Gloucestershire is taken from the 2011 census information.

Domiciliary care providers in South Gloucestershire

Domiciliary care, sometimes called home care, is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to residential and nursing care. It enables those with varying care needs (through illness, long-term medical issues or old age) to remain in their own home indefinitely, or for a longer period of time than was previously possible.

We work with 45 providers of domiciliary care in South Gloucestershire and we work hard to build good relationships with them.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) provide South Gloucestershire with an area profile based on their inspections of providers. This data includes domiciliary care, along with other care providers in the local authority area.

The proportion of providers with either a current outstanding or good rating is almost 9% higher than the national average

Outstanding Good Requires Improvement Inadequate
S. Glos 4.66% 73.06% 21.24% 1.04%
National 2% 67% 27% 4%
(747) (26676) (10776) (1623)

This data is also broken down by domain:

Domiciliary Care by domain