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A multi-agency communications group, that includes representatives from both the Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adults Boards, meets quarterly. The group is accountable to the boards and works to an agreed annual communications plan, supporting the boards’ objectives and planning and delivering effective communications to:

  • ensure that safeguarding is everybody’s business
  • deliver the common message of ‘if in doubt – speak out’ across all safeguarding services
  • proactively raise awareness of safeguarding issues and the role members of the public can play to create a safer community and enable them to be more likely to recognise and report abuse
  • promote creative and engaging safeguarding campaigns that address the issues identified within our community
  • promote the welfare of vulnerable people whether they are children, young people or adults, and their rights to be free from abuse.
  • reassure vulnerable children, young people, adults and their families and the general public that they will be listened to and to give details of what happens if a safeguarding concern is reported.

Key achievements


Significant work has been undertaken by the SGSAB to develop its digital capabilities to communicate with all stakeholders. The website is central to this work.

The SGSAB website is accessible, mobile device friendly, easy to navigate and well used. The SGSAB website has received 29,361 page views over the last year.

A hand with Say no to abuse written on it

Stop Adult Abuse Week

The SGSAB participated in the ‘Stop Adult Abuse Week’ campaign to raise public awareness of safeguarding and supporting the public to report any concerns. The leading message was ‘If in any doubt, speak out’. Posters and guidance were distributed to board members, providers and local organisations including supermarkets and GP surgeries. One of the tweets posted by South Gloucestershire Council reached 5402 people.

During the week in June 2016, a social media campaign was coordinated across the areas, highlighting to staff, service users, partners and the public, that we can all play our part in raising awareness and encouraging reporting.

Fraud and Scam Prevention

We have worked with trading standards to help raise awareness of fraud and scam prevention and how to protect vulnerable adults from crime, fraud and scams. The SGSAB website now contains new content with information for stakeholders including a Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) film.

Fraud and scam prevention webpage