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Learning from practice

The Quality Assurance subgroup of the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adult Board (SGSAB) conducts regular thematic multi-agency case file reviews. A key objective of local safeguarding adults boards is to improve local safeguarding arrangements and ensure partners act to help and protect adults experiencing abuse, or at risk of neglect and/or abuse and to ensure the effectiveness of the work undertaken by partner agencies and organisations. The Quality Assurance subgroup provides a process for a wide range of organisations, who are members of the Safeguarding Adults Board, to review the support they have provided to individuals, and monitor the effectiveness of local arrangements, and provides a forum for challenge between organisations to identify where improvements can be made across the adult safeguarding system.

In 2016 – 2017 multi-agency thematic multi-agency case files reviews were undertaken on the following themes:

An older woman, her daughter and a GP