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The main objective of South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board (SGSAB) is to improve local safeguarding arrangements and ensure partners act to help and protect adults experiencing, or at risk of neglect and/or abuse.

SGSAB is a multi-agency strategic board that coordinates the strategic development of adult safeguarding across South Gloucestershire, ensures the effectiveness of the work undertaken by partner agencies and organisations in the area and promotes the safeguarding of adults within South Gloucestershire through working together.

This involves raising awareness of adult safeguarding to reduce abuse and protect adults at risk. Where abuse is found to have occurred, agencies work together to support future protection and recovery.

Contact South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board by email: You can also contact the Safeguarding Boards Business Manager on 01454 863136.

Information about the board for professionals and the public is available on the dedicated South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Board website at