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Appendix three: Membership and attendance

Agency Name Role Attendance
Independent Chair Sally Lewis 100%
South Gloucestershire Council Councillor Ben Stokes Adults, Housing & Public Health Committee Chair 50%
Catherine Boyce Strategic Safeguarding Services Manager 75%
Anne Clark Head of Adult Social Care & Housing


(or predecessor)

Mark Pietroni Director of Public Health 0%
Judith Eke Team Manager, Safeguarding Adults 100%
Mark Pullin Stronger, Safer Communities Manager 75%
Nick Thorne Workforce Development Manager 100%
Peter Murphy Director, Children, Adults and Health 75%
Rebecca Harrold Commissioning Manager 75%
Rosemary Johnson Service Manager, Children, Adults & Health 100%
Sarah Weld Consultant in Public Health 25% (new post, 100% of possible)
Sarah Taylor Board Business Manager
Avon Probation Services (NPS) Jayde O’Brien Senior Probation Officer (Acting) 75%
Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Lisa Harvey Deputy Nurse Director, Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children 75%
Peter Bagshaw Lead GP for Safeguarding 25%
Anne Morris Nurse Director, Head of Quality & Safeguarding 25%
Sirona Care & Health Simon Allen Safeguarding Lead 100%
North Bristol Trust Gill Brook Head of Patient Experience 50%
Avon Fire & Rescue Service Neil Liddington Unitary Group Manager 0%*
Milestones Trust Jan Gresham Director of Operations 25%
AWP Fran McGarrigle Clinical Director 50%
The Care Forum Morgan Daly Director of Community Services 50%
Care Quality Commission Paul Chapman Manager 25%
Merlin Housing Society Paul Coates Director of Housing and Communities 50%
Avon and Somerset Police Richard Kelvey Detective Superintendent


RK or representative

AbleCare Homes Sam Hawker Director 100%
South West Ambulance Service Sarah Thompson Safeguarding Manager 0%*
Freeways Sharon Prowse Senior Manager 75%
Knightstone Housing Sonia Furzland Assistant Director, Supported Housing 25%
HMP Eastwood Park Sue Smith Head of Safety 0%

* Agreement for these agencies not to attend meetings.