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Priorities for the coming year

Our vision for safeguarding in South Gloucestershire is that children and adults thrive, reach their full potential and live their lives safe from harm (violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation). To achieve this vision we will work together and with local communities to improve outcomes and to ensure South Gloucestershire is a place where safeguarding is everybody’s business.
(SGSCB & SGSAB Vision 2016)

Strategic priority one

Ensure effective leadership, roles and responsibilities within the Safeguarding Board.

Strategic priority two

To actively seek to capture and act upon the voice of those affected by safeguarding concerns.

Strategic priority three

Strengthen Board communication, member dissemination, practitioner feedback.

Strategic priority four

Assuring the quality of safeguarding practice in South Gloucestershire and prioritising and sharing best practice.

Strategic priority five

To promote a learning and improvement culture which responds to identified developments and actions.