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Single agency audits

Sirona Care & Health undertook an audit in June 2016 to look at quality assurance of the safeguarding process in Service A to ensure that safeguarding referrals completed were accompanied by an ‘Adverse Event’ notification.

The author randomly selected 10 referrals which were made into safeguarding between December 2015 and April 2016. The referrals were scrutinised against adverse events which had been completed and submitted to the Health and Safety team during the same period. This process was to ensure that all referrals made into safeguarding were accompanied by an adverse event form.

During the period December 2015 to April 2016, a total of 10 safeguarding referrals were made by Service A to adult social care. Of the 10 referrals made, eight (80%) had corresponding adverse event forms completed. However, for the remaining two (20%), there were no corresponding adverse event forms completed. It is worth noting that the two referrals without adverse event forms would not be flagged to the safeguarding adults team or recognised as part of the data highlighting safeguarding activity within Sirona during this period.

Recommendations were:

  • the locality manager for Service A has been asked to note this report and to take appropriate action within her service to remind all staff of the importance of always completing an adverse event form when a safeguarding referral is made
  • the author intends to undertake a repeat audit in six months’ time to ensure that 100% of all referrals are being recorded as adverse events.

South Gloucestershire Council. In January 2017 adult social care undertook an audit of six safeguarding referrals relating to domestic abuse.

  • screening decisions were well timed
  • strategy discussions were held appropriately and involved the right agencies
  • planning meetings and reviews took place in a timely way
  • one of the service users involved engaged with the auditor.

The audit highlighted:

  • challenges working with younger people when there are mental health or learning difficulties
  • difficulties hearing the views of the service user when the perpetrator is present
  • partnership working with domestic abuse services is key
  • the audit process will be repeated on the same theme later in the year.

For 2017-18, a schedule calendar of single agency audits will be maintained by the board manager to improve board oversight of safeguarding audits taking place in South Gloucestershire.