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Thematic audit for adults subject to long term safeguarding (nine months+)

This audit reviewed the records of four adults open to safeguarding for nine months or longer. The aim of the audit was to ascertain whether there were good multi-agency standards for managing complex cases and whether organisations have implemented a robust and consistent response in line with statutory guidance and good practice guidance.

The audit team identified that these four reviews of case files held the potential to shed light on particular areas of practice across the adult safeguarding system in South Gloucestershire.

Finding one

The opportunity for assessing the mental capacity of adults subject to safeguarding in accordance to Mental Capacity Act guidance at the earliest opportunity and review within appropriate timescales is not being used to best effect to achieve the desired outcome for adults at risk of abuse.

Finding two

The limitations around professionals not ensuring consistency in sharing information when making referrals to other organisations and following the Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy increases the likelihood that any risks may not be addressed in a timely manner.

Finding three

The increased awareness amongst members of the public in relation to adult safeguarding resulted in neighbours making a referral to the police which led to robust multi agency working.

Finding four

Ensuring that all agencies are involved in safeguarding investigations and case management is important. The police may not always have a role in investigating a crime or prosecuting but can offer advice and support to victims and other organisations.


  1. All member organisations of SGSAB review the training offered to their staff in assessing and implementing the principles of mental capacity to increase levels of competency
  2. Professionals should ensure that when there are concerns regarding individuals, there is not an assumption that all appropriate information has already been shared. Professionals should ensure they follow the SGSAB procedures on information sharing.
  3. SGSAB should continue to raise awareness of adult safeguarding amongst the public and encourage more referrals from the public when they have concerns regarding a relative, friend or neighbour.
  4. Professionals should ensure that when managing safeguarding concerns all organisations are invited to share information or attend meetings in order to ensure the best available support is offered to adults experiencing abuse.