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Strengthen board communication, member dissemination, practitioner feedback

What has been achieved

  • the multi-agency safeguarding policy and procedures and the organisational abuse procedures have been published on the website and circulated widely among all agencies represented at SGSAB
  • the joining up of the Communications and Engagement subgroup with the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board
  • both boards support each other in ensuring that the communication is clear and widely disseminated
  • both boards have linked into national and local campaigns to deliver the safeguarding message.
  • SGSAB newsletters are distributed to all members for dissemination and are published on the website.

Areas of weakness

  • a lack of Board member communication is worrying – when members are requested to give their responses, only a small minority of members provide feedback
  • it is difficult to identify how much information is being shared and disseminated within organisations and agencies and how well messages are communicated with practitioners.

2017-18 priorities

  • SGSAB newsletter to be enhanced with case studies that will include key messages for professionals
  • check and test with practitioners to ensure information is being disseminated effectively to the workforce
  • ‘Mystery Shopper’ activity to be undertaken by the board manager in autumn 2017.