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1. Introduction by Independent Chair

There has been increasing national prominence and social awareness of the vulnerabilities faced by those adults in our communities requiring care and protection. This reporting period has been an important year in embedding effective multi agency approaches and preparing for the Safeguarding Adults Board becoming a statutory body on 1 April 2015.

Safeguarding is everybody’s business and the Board has worked to engage our citizens and communities in how they can better understand and play their part in creating a safer and supportive environment for vulnerable adults. Families, friends and neighbours play a central role in this endeavour and it is important they receive the support they need and deserve.

Every individual is entitled to live their life as independently as they are able. In addition it is important that services are personalised to ensure that they are flexible to the choices and wishes of the recipient. Safeguarding adults is about retaining individuality and dignity in day to day living and these are principles our partner organisations have been keen to live up to.

This annual report gives a summary of the organisations represented on the Safeguarding Adults Board, the work we have undertaken and the plans we have for future developments. The Board provides a collective strategic leadership that aims to deliver the best services available. There is a strong commitment to continuous learning as we gather increasingly better information, develop new approaches and crucially, as we bring together and respond to the views and wishes of those who use or require these services.

The South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board has the advantage of many highly committed agency representatives who bring initiative and determination to the task of improving our safeguarding capacity albeit within the current resource constraints. The Board has prepared well for its new statutory obligations and has much to do to maintain and further achieve the high standards that safeguarding partners and our communities expect.

The measure of a civilisation is how it treats its most vulnerable members and we aspire to achieve communities where every individual is recognised for their value, potential and importance.



Sally Lewis OBE
Independent Chair
South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board