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11. Analysis of Board effectiveness and areas for development in the coming year

This annual report reflects multi-agency adult safeguarding activity across South Gloucestershire covering the work undertaken during the year and plans for 2015/6.

The business plan carried into 2014/5 has now been completed and a completely new strategic plan has been developed for 2015 – 18.

Key areas of achievement have been reflected in the subgroup reports however it is worth noting in particular:

  • The development and signing off by SABs of an Adult Safeguarding Policy across Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire
  • Piloting the service user feedback process including a questionnaire and feedback to SAB
  • Progress in developing a new safeguarding website to be hosted by South Gloucestershire Council alongside online information about the Safeguarding Children’s Board.
  • Development of a communications strategy which is shared with the Safeguarding Children’s Board
  • Development and agreement of joint working protocols in situations where investigations involve people with very complex needs

The Strategic plan for 2015-18 at appendix 5 was agreed by the Board in June 2015.  The plan was developed by SAB partners and is supported by an annual Business Plan, which is a multi-agency document. There are 5 Strategic priorities across the work of the Board:

  • Co-ordination, Governance and Accountability of the Safeguarding Adults Board
  • Ensuring the voice and experiences of users are central to the work of the Board
  • Working with providers to clarify: information flows, accountability and the role of the Designated Adult Safeguarding Manager (DASM)
  • Quality Assurance of SAB and member organisations including identifying best practice and lessons learnt
  • Develop a framework to improve practice and look at emerging themes e.g. self-neglect, difficult to reach groups, carers, Prevent, modern slavery

This plan is designed to ensure that the principles and guidance from the Care Act 2014 are fully implemented and embedded, that service user and carer voices are heard and incorporated into the work of the Board, performance is monitored and practice continues to improve. This will require considerable investment by Board members to achieve but it is necessary to ensure that the Safeguarding Adults Board is able to oversee Safeguarding services which meet the high standards that our partners and communities expect.