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5a Quality monitoring subgroup (including audit)


To undertake such work as required by the Board, this will mainly stem from the work plan but includes regular and ongoing work:

  • To monitor partner, and specifically South Gloucestershire Council, data and report on this to the Board
  • To maintain an Audit sub group which will look in depth at cases (this group currently meets bi-monthly and looks at 10 cases following an agreed theme e.g. financial abuse, neglect)
  • To provide reports to the Board at its quarterly meetings
  • To provide a report for the annual report


The membership is drawn from agencies represented at the Safeguarding Adults Board: South Gloucestershire Council, South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Sirona, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Trust (AWP), North Bristol Trust (NBT), NHS England.

The Group meets quarterly one month before the Safeguarding Adults Board. It looks in detail at the data provided to it. The data is mainly provided through South Gloucestershire Council and is in effect a quarterly version of the data presented in the Annual Report. This gives the group the opportunity to look at trends in safeguarding both in individual work and for institutional investigations.

A small group meets bi-monthly to audit 10 cases in depth. This small group is made up of representatives from the police, health and adult services within the council. These reports are provided to the Quality Monitoring subgroup and then on to the Safeguarding Adults Board. The group looks at the process, at the decisions made and at the outcomes for people. Feedback is also given direct to operational teams where appropriate.


The subgroup reports to each SAB meeting any relevant observations arising from the data or audits and/or any causes for concern. The types of issues  and trends which have been raised and monitored have included the timeliness of reporting back on safeguarding investigations across the multi-agency partnership, ensuring cases are completed and closed in a timely fashion, trends in where alerts are coming from or the type of alerts.

Areas for improvement and future developments

The group is currently building on the data it is provided with. North Bristol Trust and South West Ambulance Service started providing data during the year. Sirona will be providing data from the new financial year. This will enable the group to cross reference and integrate data. The group also monitors  institutional investigations and it is planned for this to be further improved through improvements to the council’s database which will allow the information to be better reported. In addition the group will focus on any areas identified in the SAB Strategic Priorities and Business Plan (See Appendix 6) which are likely to include more detailed quality issues.

Sheila Turner, Team Manager, South Gloucestershire Council, Chair of subgroup.