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5c Communications subgroup


The group has continued to meet at least every two months and to focus on raising awareness of safeguarding adults among service users, carers, providers and the public.


The group has an independent chair and consists of members from Freeways, Sirona Care and Health, Knightstone Housing, Milestones Trust, Chescombe Trust and the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Team. The group is effectively supported by South Gloucestershire Council’s Strategic Communications team.


  • As part of the national ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ plan we piloted the service user feedback questionnaire, developed last year, from 1 July 2014 for three months. This had more than a 25% return and the information received has been used by the Access Team to improve the experience of the safeguarding process. The pilot has enabled us to further develop the questions and will include feedback on any police involvement. The questionnaire will be made available to all service users where an investigation progresses to a strategy meeting or discussion from 1 April 2015
  • Participated in the first ‘Avon-wide’ Stop Adult Abuse week 15-21 June to raise public awareness of safeguarding and encourage people to report any concerns. We have reflected on how this was organised and the possible impact on safeguarding alerts and people seeking information from the website. As a result we plan for a more co-ordinated approach in 2015 and to focus on health centres and GP surgeries in order to further raise public awareness
  • Continued to develop the council web pages with a focus on ease of access, reporting concerns and high quality general web information that clarifies and raises awareness of adult safeguarding. The ’report it’ function is now readily available
  • Developed a joint children and adults safeguarding communication strategy
  • Ensured that the Safeguarding Adults Board sends out a summary feedback to all providers and partner organisations so that all are aware of the key messages after each SAB meeting

Future developments:

  • To continue work on updating the safeguarding adults information on the council website and link this to the proposed Avon and Somerset website if funding application is successful for all 5 SABs within the constabulary area
  • To expand Stop Adult Abuse Week in June 2015 in collaboration with the other three communication sub groups in the ex-Avon area
  • To continue collaborative work with Children’s safeguarding to ensure consistent design and mirrored messages in annual reports, online and offline materials where appropriate
  • From May 2015 to collate and produce an e-newsletter to share with all providers after each SAB meeting focusing on key issues raised by members of the SAB
  • Report to the SAB every three months on the feedback questionnaire audit received from service users who have gone through the safeguarding process

Damaris Howard, Director of Regulated Services,  Freeways, Chair of subgroup