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8. Spotlight on Safeguarding Services

This section includes a number of projects /services which are not covered elsewhere but which are intended to improve services to people and therefore reduce safeguarding incidents or improve the service to people following an incident.

Dementia care

A particular area of concern has been the number of safeguarding alerts in dementia care units. Providers had identified a number of areas of difficulty including getting consistent responses when crises occurred. This was sometimes meaning homes were appropriately reluctant to take people into the home who had more complex needs. Funding from the Clinical Commissioning Group has enabled an increase in staff in the Care Home Liaison team, a team of specialist mental health staff. Early feedback about this improved support is very positive. From a safeguarding perspective it is hoped that improved staff knowledge about meeting the individual needs of people with dementia will reduce the number of incidents between residents.   At present this funding is for one year.

Making safeguarding personal

Work has continued to ensure that people are at the centre of their safeguarding processes. This means checking with people at the beginning of the process what they want out of it and also checking back at the end to see what their views are. In addition we take into account, as the process continues, that people may change their mind about what outcomes they want. As part of this process a pilot survey was undertaken to see what people thought of the actual process. The feedback was largely positive but some issues were raised which have been fed back to the relevant teams.   From April 2015 this feedback will become part of the mainstream process to allow the Safeguarding Adults Board to receive ongoing reports about the personalisation of services involved in safeguarding.