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Appendix 2 – Safeguarding Adults Board terms of reference

Safeguarding Adults board terms of reference – March 2010 (to be reviewed 2015/6):

The South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) is a multi-agency board set up to promote the safeguarding of adults within South Gloucestershire. The Board meets on a quarterly basis, but can convene in urgent situations, such as the need for a serious case review (see below). The SAB believes that all people have the right to live their lives free from abuse and exploitation.

The Board aims to:

  • provide the lead in promoting safeguarding adults work in South Gloucestershire
  • work together to promote the prevention of, investigation of, protection from, and recovery from abuse
  • promote the principles of safeguarding adults work; namely respect for human rights, choice, dignity and freedom from abuse and neglect
  • promote the end of discrimination against disabled people and older people
  • ensure that safeguarding services are available to all people covered by the safeguarding adults policy, regardless of race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, household/domestic circumstances, age, disability or illness
  • ensure that adults in South Gloucestershire are better safeguarded against abuse, including domestic abuse
  • work in partnership with other relevant bodies to create a safer community for all


  • to ensure there is an effective multi-agency system to respond to and investigate allegations of adult abuse and neglect
  • to ensure those at risk of abuse have access to effective safeguarding plans
  • to support the development of services that provide protection and support to those at risk of adult abuse
  • to support the development of services that enable those who have experienced adult abuse to access services which enable their recovery from that experience and that promote positive outcomes during and after the recovery period
  • to support the development of services which enable people who have caused adult abuse to change their behaviour
  • to monitor the quantity and quality of safeguarding adults work in South Gloucestershire including access to safeguarding services by those who are harder to reach
  • to review the policy and procedures and update them in the light of experience and changes in legislation or government policy
  • to ensure that the policy includes a “Serious Case” review protocol, to be triggered in respect of any adult covered by the procedures who has died or come to serious harm as a result of abuse, including neglect
  • to support organisations to inform and train staff members to confidently carry out their responsibilities under the policy and procedures
  • to develop and promote a comprehensive multi-agency training programme and to support organisations to inform and train staff members to provide quality services to adults at risk of abuse
  • to support organisations to provide services that promote prevention of abuse
  • to enable adults who may be experiencing abuse to access information about safeguarding adults and the routes by which they can access support and protection
  • to raise public awareness of adult abuse and safeguarding adults work
  • to promote the work of the Board including the publication of an annual report


The SAB will operate within the definitions of abuse and neglect outlined in “No Secrets” (DoH & Home Office 2000). The SAB’s remit will be to encourage the development of policy and procedures consistent with the ADSS National Standards (2005) and any subsequent relevant legislation and national policy guidance.

Lines of accountability

Members of the SAB are accountable to their respective management bodies. The SAB is accountable to South Gloucestershire Children, Adults and Health Department as the lead co-ordinating agency for safeguarding adults. As the lead authority, South Gloucestershire maintains an internal governance and scrutiny structure.

Within the council’s structures the work of the SAB falls within the remit of the Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership together with engagement by the Health and Wellbeing Strategic Partnership.


Membership of the SAB will comprise the designated lead officers (or their nominated delegate) of the key agencies:

  • Children, Adults & Health – lead role and chair of SAB
  • South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • NHS England
  • Sirona Care and Health
  • Avon & Somerset Constabulary
  • Avon & Wiltshire Partnership Mental Health Trust
  • North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Avon & Somerset Probation
  • HM Prisons
  • Avon Fire & Rescue
  • Voluntary service providers – by invitation
  • Independent sector providers (including housing, Supporting People, day services, domiciliary care and care home providers) – by invitation
  • Strong, Safer Communities Manager, Environment and Community Services,, South Gloucestershire Council
  • Team Leader, Workforce Development – Chief Executive & Corporate Resources, South Gloucestershire Council
  • CQC – by invitation

By invitation of the SAB, representative(s) of other relevant agencies providing services to or advocating on behalf of adult service users or acting on behalf of carers.

By invitation of the SAB, senior practitioners from relevant professions and managers with responsibility for work in adult abuse.

Minimum attendance

The minimum attendance for quarterly SAB meetings must include the Chair (or nominated delegate) and two non-South Gloucestershire Council agencies who are full members of the SAB.

Sub groups

To facilitate the effective discharge of its aims and objectives, the SAB maintains a number of multi-agency sub groups. Currently these are

  • Training and workforce development
  • Quality monitoring
  • Communications and publicity
  • Policy and procedures

Working groups

The SAB may commission short term working groups. These groups will assist the SAB in specific areas of its remit. Recommendations from such groups will be submitted to the SAB for endorsement.

Membership of these groups will be determined by the SAB and may include persons who are not members of the SAB where this is considered to be appropriate and/or necessary.

Annual report

The SAB will approve and then submit an annual report to the Senior Officers Group of the Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership. The Senior Officer Group is made up of senior representatives of the wide range of agencies represented on the Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership.

This report will outline the work of the SAB and state objectives and priorities for the coming year in the form of a work plan, which is the responsibility of all agencies to implement. Information gained from the monitoring of safeguarding activity in South Gloucestershire over the previous year will be included in the report. The annual report will also be presented to the council’s Adult Care and Housing Committee and the Health and Wellbeing Board.

It is expected that all SAB partner organisations ensure that the annual report is received and considered within their own governance arrangements. An ‘easy read’ version of the report will be produced and presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board.