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Appendix 5 – Business plan 2014-16

The forward business plan for 2014 -16 will help ensure that all agencies involved in the SAB are fully engaged in the effective prevention of and response to safeguarding concerns. Part of this plan is to give vulnerable adults an even greater voice within the safeguarding process 

This work plan sets out the tasks required for each priority.

Task No Description Action Responsible Target Date Complete RAG rating
1. RAG rating Recruit, appoint and induct independent chair SAB – Sheila Turner in conjunction with Bristol Autumn 2014 Green

Policies and procedures

Multi agency policies and procedures are integral to the work of the Board and its member organisations/bodies, consistency across part of the region would benefit all members of the partnership.

Agree  a single policy for Bristol, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire


Safeguarding leads for the 4
authorities.(Sheila Turner for South Gloucestershire)

June 2014





June 2014


Re-write procedures to back updated policy and to incorporate changes from Care Act 2014.

Update TOR

Initially safeguarding leads for the four authorities, then local group to ensure meets local requirements April 2015





Quality standards

Ensure consistency of standards across South West Region.

Establish and use a South West quality standards reporting system to enable comparisons across the region. South West Regional leads under ADASS leadership December 2014 Green
Ensure safeguarding is embedded in corporate and service strategies across the Safeguarding Adults Board member organisations. To ensure all partners are able to evidence safeguarding procedures both for themselves and any contracted organisations
e.g. care homes, domiciliary care, pharmacy, chiropody etc.

All SAB members.

Alison Robinson, Guy Stenson and Sheila Turner to check/develop work on provider processes/contracts and look at monitoring processes

December 2014 Green
Ensure that during the move to
personalisation of services through personal health and/or care budgets people are safeguarded. 

Ensure there are adequate safeguards in place within personalisation strategies to ensure that people’s safety is not compromised.


Denise Porter (south Glos council)



CCG for health PBs?

March 2015 Green
Safeguarding is effective at all levels

Training for all staff


Training – induction for Board members – including development of an induction pack

learning from work on managing risk in families (lessons from child protection, SCRs, DHRs)

Commissioners, Board members


Training sub group


Lynfa Vater/Nick Thorne/Catherine Boyce/Sheila Turner

Ongoing April 2015




4. Developing partnerships Continue to work with Eastwood Park, Leyhill and Ashfield prisons specifically in respect of the safeguarding implications from the Care Act 2014. Sheila Turner April  2015 Green
Improve the capability of community pharmacists to recognise and respond to adult safeguarding concerns.  Work with Avon Pharmaceutical Committee to provide information and raise awareness of adult safeguarding for community pharmacies Sheila Turner March 2015



Ensure appropriate representation on Safeguarding Adults Board Ensure that the changes within health and social care provision and structures are recognised and the appropriate representation and involvement to SAB is arranged. Chair of SAB Sept 2014 and then Annual review




Work  of sub groups

All agencies in the Safeguarding Adults Board share ownership for joint and co-ordinated leadership





Ensure representative membership and leadership of a number of sub groups commissioned by the Board.  Including revising membership following re-structuring across all agencies.








Explore whether there is synergy with sub groups of South Gloucestershire Children’s
Safeguarding Board and therefore whether some of these can usefully become joint groups.
Strategic Safeguarding Team March 2015 Green

Quality Monitoring sub group

Services are held accountable through performance measures including quality measures, towards the outcomes for people in the (safeguarding) strategy.

provide data to contribute to a regular reporting suite – this will be reviewed in line with national reporting requirements and regional benchmarking work. Sheila Turner









The SAB will have access to a full data set across key partner agencies Key partner agencies to provide data to triangulate with LA data. Sirona, AWP, NBT March 2014 Green
Monitor the repeat referrals which have risen during the year 2013-4, initially through an
Audit sub group At meeting 19.11.14 to report to SAB 04.12.14



Vulnerable people are safeguarded in the community, including care homes and hospitals through an improvement in the quality of care and a reduction of risk.

Ensure  robust mechanisms are in place for reviewing activity around institutional safeguarding.

Establish and maintain engagement with the S256 work on quality in care homes


Quality Monitoring sub group


Link to S256 work – Sheila Turner






Communications sub group


The Safeguarding Adults Board has achieved high levels of expressed positive experiences from people who have had safeguarding services.






Ensure service user feedback is systematically captured.  By piloting feedback questionnaire July – September 2014.

Feedback to SAB in December on progress and consider an annual service user commissioned survey if appropriate.

Damaris Howard (Communications sub group)



Report to SAB



Work to raise awareness of adult safeguarding – Joint awareness week to be planned for 2015 with Bristol, Bath and NE Somerset and North Somerset. Communications sub group Summer 2015 Maybe ongoing



To continue to develop the council web pages with a focus on ease of access, reporting concerns and high quality general web information that clarifies and raises awareness of adult safeguarding. Communications sub group April 2015 Green

Training sub group

Ensure training programme is regularly updated to meet needs of workforce, changing national requirement


Refresh the multi-agency Workforce Development & Training Plan for 2014-17 (including use of the National Capability Framework for safeguarding adults)

Training sub group

Chair Nick Thorne






Follow up previous audit of training Co-ordinate a second South Gloucestershire-wide Staff Development Audit process to gain more detail on how providers undertake SGA learning and development, identify specific areas of excellent practice to share, gain strong local evidence of impact on people’s practice in supporting vulnerable adults. Training sub group Chair Nick Thorne December 2015








Maintain multi agency training Further develop the core multi-agency training programmes to ensure these properly reflect national and local priorities for SGA work: e.g. Care Bill, outcomes-focus, messages from SCRs/DHRs, Quality Monitoring Group. Increase collaborative work with CCG, GPs, Police, Sirona, NBT, AWP partners to ensure a wide range of statutory sector workforces are accessing SGA multi-agency training. Training sub group – Chair Nick Thorne ongoing Green
Learning from Serious Case Reviews/Domestic Homicide Reviews Agree process for feedback to Safeguarding Adults Board.  Incorporate into training, ensure there is learning across
children’s and adults services
Strategic Safeguarding Team and Training sub group 2015 Green
Ensure training is consistent across the South West region Build further collaboration via the sub-regional SGA Trainers Network, to ensure South
Gloucestershire is at the centre of joint initiatives, shares resources well and provides consistent messages to workforces locally
Training sub group – Chair Nick Thorne Ongoing Green
6 Development of quality standards for all commissioning bodies

CCG have developed standards –

Link to 3


Continue to improve investigation of complex situations involving police and people with complex needs.




Develop a local agreement between the LA and PPU for joint investigations which involve people with significant disabilities which provides opportunities for such individuals to communicate effectively.


Establish joint working protocols. (To include the appropriate use of expert witnesses [including clinicians] to provide independent evidence/advice when necessary to corroborate accounts when
service users suffer injury)


Continue programme of joint meetings between adult social care and  PPU

Currently being led by Lynfa Vater and Mike Williams, suggestion is short life multi-agency working group



Currently being led by Lynfa Vater and Mike Williams, suggestion is short life multi agency working group



Operational managers from Access Team and PPU

December 2014







December 2014







8. Care Act 2014 Look at details of Care Act 2014 and implications in respect of Safeguarding e.g.:

  • SAB
  • Responsibility for provider failure and links with CQC and QSG

NB Link with re-writing of policy and procedures


Report to SAB





Dec 2014



April 2015


9 Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) This is being established initially with children’s services, need to look longer term at
adult services
Tba Tba
Key to RAG rating: No colour: not
yet planned to start. Green: on track. Amber: delayed but being addressed Red:
Delayed, potential for significant impact.