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5b Policy and procedures sub group

Purpose of the group

The purpose of the policy and procedures sub group is to ensure that all children and young people, and families [adults with children] in South Gloucestershire are safeguarded by means of multi-agency policies and procedures which are understood, implemented across all partner agencies and applied consistently to promote their wellbeing.


  • To ensure compliance with primary legislation
  • To ensure multi-agency compliance with national and local policies and procedures and their application to children in specific circumstances
  • To share best practice across partner agencies to improve collaborative working, so that policies and procedures can be effective in promoting good outcomes for vulnerable children and their families
  • To develop a communication strategy around access to relevant policies and  procedures and ensure that front line professionals and families are made aware of policies and procedures to protect children from abuse
  • To develop a dataset for monitoring performance and measuring outcomes in  relation to the application of policies and procedures
  • To create implementation plans as required, to deliver any new policies and  procedures which are adopted by the LSCB


Membership of the group can be extended through co-opted members in relation to particular policies and procedures.

This is an area that continues to be problematic with regards to this sub group. Currently the group is made up of representatives from the police, AWP, the CCG and social care.

The membership is not adequately representative of the LSCB and securing appropriate attendance at the sub group has been a challenge.


The policy and procedures sub group meets quarterly.

Performance and effectiveness/impact of work undertaken 

The policy and procedure sub group reports directly to South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board.

The performance and effectiveness of the policy and procedure sub group has been assessed as currently poor and requires further scrutiny review by the Board. Output during the year has been correspondingly inadequate.

It has been identified that the sub group governance and the processes that operate within the group are in need of review. This has impacted upon the purpose and the function of the group


Notwithstanding the difficulties outlined above, the sub group has been responsible for the sign off and dissemination of:  Injuries to Non-Mobile Babies Guidance and the Safeguarding Protocol for Substance Misuse Services.

Areas for improvement and future development

During the coming year it is proposed that the purpose, governance and membership of the Policy and Procedures sub group is discussed and proposals for strengthening and improving the group will be presented to the Safeguarding Board.

Leigh Zywek, Policy and Practice Manager, Chair of the sub group.