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5f Education sub group

Purpose of the Education sub group

The purpose of the Education sub group is to ensure that guidance and information is shared and exchanged between educational settings and the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children’s Board on policies, practices and procedures regarding safeguarding and child protection in schools and settings.


  • Provide advice and support to the SGSCB in relation to safeguarding matters in schools, colleges and other educational settings
  • Address priorities identified in the SGSCB Business Plan
  • Encourage schools and colleges to meet their obligations in respect of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children on their roll and support them in doing so
  • Communicate with schools, settings and colleges seeking views on issues and feed information back
  • Share intelligence, analyse and make recommendations from the annual School Safeguarding Audit
  • Submit a quarterly report to the SGSCB


  • Representatives from primary, secondary and special maintained schools and academies and independent schools
  • Representatives from early years
  • Representatives from Post 16 Colleges
  • Chair of Secondary Inclusion Forum (SPIF)
  • Headteacher of South Gloucestershire Other Than At School Service
  • Headteacher of the Virtual School for Children Looked After
  • Governor representative
  • School Safeguarding Adviser
  • Service Manager from Education (chair)
  • School Admissions/Education Welfare
  • LSCB lay person

Performance and effectiveness/impact of work undertaken

  • The sub group has met three times in its new form
  • Members reported positively on the meetings
  • Independent schools welcomed the meetings and the opportunities to work with each other on important issues –and to check their alignment with safeguarding issues
  • A work plan has been drafted, it includes:
    • development work following the evaluation of schools’ responses to the schools’ safeguarding audit tool
    • investigation of the Bristol Ideal with the view to either adopting directly or adapting for South Gloucestershire or alternatively, developing the South Gloucestershire “Gold Standard for Safeguarding” to include health, quality of safeguarding and the PSHE and SMSC curriculum
    • updating and confirming statutory key policies – providing model policies and exemplars for schools and settings. This will include the important alignment with the new website
    • developing practice in the appropriate and effective auditing of school safeguarding case files
    • working with the new Ofsted framework to help to secure all schools to be judged as good and outstanding for behaviour and safety at their next inspection
    • fostering schools’ understanding and use of related policies, procedures and practice concerning Domestic Abuse and Cultural Awareness, Neglect, Child Sexual Exploitation, Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Exploitation and Prevent
    • providing opportunities for independent schools to share and develop specific policies and practice
    • developing the appropriate understanding and application of the Multi-Agency Guidance for Tiers
    • developing a systematic approach to sharing the learning from Serious Case Reviews
  • Members of the education sub group have provided safeguarding updates at both primary/special and secondary Headteacher meetings as well as SPIF
  • A range of updates and associated materials have been sent to Headteachers and settings during the year
  • Schools have returned the safeguarding audits. 9 schools did not complete the audit due to a technical glitch. 26 schools did not complete the audit at the time. This was followed up and all schools are now in the process of completing the audit or sharing the findings from their alternative audit. Schools were keen to have individual feedback from the safeguarding audit. However, this would be impractical so the evaluation of the audit responses will be shared along with the associated action plan which responds to the identified areas of development and common themes

Areas for improvement and future development

  • An additional representative from education (the Chair of SPIF) will now attend the Quality Assurance sub group to take forward this area of work and strengthen the direct link with schools. This will link to an area of development which has been identified where case file auditing for quality assurance purposes is not always undertaken routinely in schools and settings
  • The work plan has identified the areas for development as outlined above

Susannah Hill, Head of Education, Learning and Skills, Chair of sub group