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Appendix 3 – Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of Understanding for Members of the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board


Chapter 3 of the statutory guidance Working Together 2015 sets out the responsibilities of Local Safeguarding Children Boards and the statutory membership.

This includes the following statements in respect of members of an LSCB :

  • Members of an LSCB should be people with a strategic role in relation to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children within their organisation. They should be able to:
    • speak for their organisation with authority;
    • commit their organisation on policy and practice matters; and
    • hold their own organisation to account and hold others to account.
  • All LSCB member organisations have an obligation to provide LSCBs with reliable resources (including finance) that enable the LSCB to be strong and effective. Members should share the financial responsibility for the LSCB in such a way that a disproportionate burden does not fall on a small number of partner agencies.

This Memorandum of Understanding sets out the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board’s expectations for members.  The members shall, for the purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding, include the organisation and the individual representing the organisation who are defined as Statutory Board Members and Member Organisations (‘Board Member’).

Each Board Member will agree to accept the following responsibilities which shall commence immediately and will thereafter work diligently in accordance with the terms of reference of the Board and the duties placed on each member of the Board and their employing organisation in accordance with ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015’.

Commitment to the Purpose and Objectives of the Board

In order for the Board to operate effectively, Members must be committed to the collective purpose, ethos and aims of the Board.  This means to:

  • Develop and deliver a Local Safeguarding Board in accordance with the range of roles and statutory functions as set out in the Children Act 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015’.
  • Work effectively and efficiently so as to ensure the Board meets its statutory objectives which are to co-ordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the Board for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area and to ensure the effectiveness of what is done by each such person or body for those purposes.
  • Support achievement of the priorities that have been agreed by the Board in its Business Plan.

Promote and Support the Objectives of the Local Safeguarding Board

In order to ensure the work of the Board is effective, each Board Member shall be a champion for safeguarding children and young people.  This means that:

  • Each Member shall scrutinise vigorously the arrangements in place within their own organisation in respect of working with children and young people to ensure that the arrangements are fit for purpose.
  • Each Member shall take such steps as are necessary within their individual organisation to promote improved arrangements where they deem appropriate.
  • Each Member shall promote effective communication, both within their own organisation and with other partner organisations/agencies.
  • Each Member shall promote the work of the Board within their individual organisation so as to raise greater awareness of the issues relating to the safeguarding of children and young people amongst a wider community.

This Memorandum of Understanding is signed by:



and received by the Strategic Safeguarding Services Manager

Name: Catherine Boyce