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9 Lay member view

“I am really enjoying my role as a lay member.  It can sometimes be quite challenging but a fulfilling experience. Challenging because of some of the subjects but fulfilling because, I feel that I am making a difference for people who may not be able to have a say on what is discussed.”

Karl Stephenson  

“The Board is a great way of agencies to work together to safeguard the children of South Gloucestershire. Members of the board are very open and honest with each other. As a lay member there is an awful lot of information to absorb and it can be quite daunting at times.

The lay member’s role is one of asking questions and looking at issues from outside of the system and if need be, that critical friend. My involvement is that I also sit on the Quality Assurance Sub Group which monitors and evaluates the individual and collective effectiveness of the local authority and Board partners through conducting regular thematic multi-agency case file audits.

I think safeguarding is effective in the medium to large organisations but my worry is how effective it is within the smaller voluntary organisations who may not even have attended training.

Promotion of safeguarding to smaller organisations and more effective advertising in the community of the work of the Board is a key role for lay members in the future.”

Janice Suffolk