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2 Living in South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire is a mix of long-established urban communities, market towns, small villages and substantial new development. Characterised by very differing communities with individual needs and aspirations, the diversity of its landscapes and neighbourhoods contribute to a high quality of life.

South Gloucestershire’s location and its proximity to the city of Bristol present a number of cross boundary opportunities and challenges which are dealt with by working in partnership with the neighbouring authorities of Bristol City, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset.

Safeguarding Stats1

* These figures changed in 2014 so that only a student’s first entry to a GCSE examination will count in their school’s performance tables.

South Gloucestershire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013 – 2016 identifies as one of its priority themes: Making the best start in life – Enabling every child and young person to thrive and develop skills to lead a healthy life and achieve their full potential.

The area is served by Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary and a Police and Crime Commissioner.

0-19 population

South Gloucestershire has a 0-19 population of around 64,200 (ONS mid year estimate 2014). This makes up approximately a quarter of the total population. The latest official population projections suggest that the number of the 0-19 year olds will increase to 72,000 by 2037 (ONS, 2012 – based Subnational Population Projections)

Number of schools and type

Safeguarding Stats2

As at January 2015, there were 4,068 children attending South Gloucestershire maintained schools and academies who were eligible for and claiming free school meals.

South Gloucestershire Resident Children Population by age

Safeguarding Stats3

South Gloucestershire Population Ethnic Groups (all ages) Census 2011

Safeguarding Stats4

Disabled Children (2014)

1,480 children (people aged under 16) receive Disability Living Allowance in South Gloucestershire. 333,010 children in total receive Disability Living Allowance in England (source: ONS).

South Gloucestershire Population Ethnic Groups (4-18) School census Spring 2015

Safeguarding Stats5