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What happens?

  1. One of the professionals working with you and that you feel comfortable with, will take on the role of Lead Professional.
  2. A ‘Team around the Family’ meeting may be suggested. This is considered a good way to:
  • share ideas
  • solve problems
  • and plan solutions.
  1. Together, you will look at:
  • what is important to the children and you as a family
  • what you all would like to see change
  • how the support that is agreed will be put in place and by whom.
  1. An action plan will be agreed where all parties will work together to support a change that will benefit your children and you, as a family.
  2. You will review the plan together on a regular basis to check that it is working and make changes where needed. This will mean looking at whether the plan:
  • has made any difference
  • has been helpful
  • and if anything else needs to change.
  1. Help from other services may be sought, if the team around the family, especially you, feel it is required.