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Good financial practice

Good financial practice underpins all activities of your organisation. It is important to recognise that responsibility for financial matters lays with the management committee and not the individual e.g. chair, treasurer or secretary.

Specific financial advice and guidance is available to Early Years organisations located in South Gloucestershire by contacting:

Business and Financial Support Officer
Early Years team
Tel: 01454 862368

In addition to providing individual support to an organisation, we have developed a number of business and financial support packages specifically for early year’s providers. These are described below and can be obtained by contacting the team by telephone, or by logging onto the South Gloucestershire Council website.

The packages which are currently available include:

  • Nursery Education Grant
  • Funding grants
  • Financial best practice
  • Key tests to establish if your organisation is sustainable
  • Recording income and expenditure
  • Business planning guide