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Part 2 : What do I need to do now I am a committee member?

All committee members for childcare organisations need to:

  • Go through the handover checklist (see Section 4)
  • Complete a DBS form and send it off to Ofsted. This initiates a Criminal Records check and any other checks that are required by Ofsted
  • Appoint a committee member who will be responsible for chasing up replies on behalf of other members
  • Read and understand the governing document (i.e. constitution or articles and memorandum of a company)
  • Read and understand the roles and responsibilities of individual committee members i.e. chair, treasurer, secretary (more on Section 1)
  • Read and understand the national framework that is relevant to your organisation
  • Meet with the leader/manager to understand what important issues face your organisation within the next few months
  • Organise and book some dates for the next few committee meetings. It is important to attend these meetings to be able to be involved in any decisions made