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Part 3 : Committee roles and responsibilities


The public face of the elected committee has the responsibilities of:

  • To ensure the person in charge meets and abides by Ofsted national standards
  • To ensure all members of the committee have a DBS and return to Committee. This must be received back
  • Must attend committee, AGM and special meetings
  • To represent the group at outside meetings
  • To receive and disseminate information to the group
  • To carry out appraisals with the manager/leader of the group
  • To support and authorise the work of the treasurer
  • To hold confidential records of staff and committee members
  • To ensure all policies and procedures and in-line with the national framework¬†set by¬†Department of Education
  • To check accuracy of minutes prior to circulation
  • To sign and date the accuracy of previous meeting minutes
  • To ensure references are checked for all new members of staff
  • To be aware of local child protection procedure
  • To receive the original bank statement


Has the responsibilities of:

  • Correspondence and maintenance of all minutes. Can also deputise the chair. (see above)
  • To take minutes and circulation of agendas
  • To ensure all minutes are taken accurately and concise at all meetings
  • To arrange venue and paper for all meetings
  • To assist in policy review
  • To write any letters on behalf of the committee, and to respond to any correspondence
  • To update any group records i.e. prospectus, policies


Has the responsibilities of:

  • Although the committee as a whole are responsible for making any financial decisions, the treasurer is the one who keeps record
  • To maintain bank account of the committee
  • To receive a copy of the bank statement (the original should go to the chair)
  • To issue and pay any bills
  • To keep payments and receipts on the accounting system
  • To pay wages to staff and any volunteer expenses
  • To ensure any liability relating to Income Tax and National Insurance are met
  • To present financial statement at each meeting
  • To prepare the annual accounts

Please refer to the committee handover checklist for more detailed information (Section 1 : Part 5)