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What you say about your sleep

The following data is from the most recent South Gloucestershire health and wellbeing online pupil survey.

On average, pupils (aged 8 to 18) went to bed at about 9.30pm and got up at 6.50am. They took about an hour to get to sleep so the average time asleep was 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Pupils who reported it took them more than an hour between going to bed and going to sleep were asked what they did before going to sleep. Most pupils (46%) reported that they were relaxing or just lying there. Primary pupils also reported reading (36%) and relaxing (33%), nearly half of secondary were online on social media or playing games online, as were Year 12s.

Similar to 2019, 24% of primary and 30% of secondary or Year 12s were watching TV in their room and 25% of primary and 49% of secondary or Year 12s were using the internet (such as gaming or social media) before they went to sleep.

Pupils who took 3 or more hours to go to sleep once they went to bed were more than twice as likely to have poor mental wellbeing (Fig. 3.35 The effect of sleep habits on CYP mental health and wellbeing n=7,696).

Graph showing the effect of sleeping habits on the mental health of children and young people