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Suggested checklist for professionals

An evening in the Life of a Child – what is the Child’s Evening and Bedtime Routine?

After school

What do they do after school? Do they have anything to eat? What do they have? Do they go out and play? Do they take part in any sports or other activities? Do they do homework?  Are there any issues around doing homework?

Do they have an evening meal? What time is this? What is their favourite food? Do they have this often? Do they watch TV? If so, what do they watch? Do they use the internet/social networking sites? Is this supervised? Do they play computer games or online games? For how long?

Bedtime routine
Do they have a set time to go to bed? Who decides when it is time for bed? What do they do in the hour before going to bed? What do you do in the hour before they go to bed? Is there a TV in the bedroom? Are they allowed a tablet/mobile phone/iPad etc. in the bedroom? Do they have anything to eat or drink during this time? Is this always the same?

Bedroom environment

Where do they sleep? Do they like where they sleep? Is the bed and mattress comfortable?  How is the bedroom lit? What temperature is the bedroom? What noises from the rest of the house can be heard in the bedroom? What noise from outside the house can be heard in the bedroom? Do they share the bedroom with siblings?  If so, what age/s?

Getting to Sleep

How long do they usually take to fall asleep? What do they do between getting into bed and falling asleep? Do they fall asleep on their own? What helps them to fall asleep? Is there a light on? If so, is it left on all night?

Waking up

Do they wake up in the night? If so what happens when they wake up? How do they get back to sleep again? In the morning, do they use a clock to wake up? Does someone get them up? Does the same thing happen every day? What time does this happen?

This checklist can be used by professionals as a prompt when supporting parents and carers.

Source:  South Gloucestershire Council Neglect Toolkit 2018