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1. Background

1.1. The SportsPound project is a three year physical activity intervention programme delivered by South Gloucestershire Council’s Community Sport team.

1.2. South Gloucestershire Council launched this project in October 2015 with £171,324 funding from Sport England, and the project commenced in earnest on 1st January 2016.

1.3. The aim of SportsPound is to engage and participate with over 5,000 inactive people aged 14+ into regular activity, with an overall throughput target of 42,248 by 31st December 2018.

1.4. In year one our participation target is 1,150 people newly engaged in moderate sport or physical activity and a throughput of 9,200.

1.5. Following a slow start in the first half of the year, it was clear that the project was not going to achieve the targets for participation and throughput. The project team has maintained regular contact with Sport England and a further review of performance was undertaken by Sport England in December 2016. A decision was made to reduce the overall project target to 3,000 participants and an annual target of 550 newly engaged for year one (throughput 1,500) and this report covers the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

1.6. The bid submitted to Sport England included three key elements:

  1. Recruiting an activity workforce to develop a participation ‘pathway’ – our team of four SportsPound Activators are based in a range of community settings which includes libraries, cafes, sports clubs and social enterprises.  It is their role to engage with local people to find out where activity gaps exist and how best to fill them.  Community groups are supported in developing their own activities with start-up funding covering set-up costs.
  2. Creating an activity ‘currency’ – the SportsPound voucher can be exchanged for free entry to over 250 local activities which will improve levels of health. Those eligible will receive SportsPound vouchers giving access to eight free sessions at any of the activities listed on our website, from aerobics and ante and postnatal fitness to Zumba.  Our unique selling point is that we encourage the organisations by paying them to refer to the project, plus we also pay a bonus where the participant is still active twelve weeks after commencement.  It is this commitment to behaviour change which sets our scheme apart from other similar referral programmes.
  3. Building a referring and providing network – over seventy agencies are now referring people to SportsPound activities run by over fifty different organisations in a diverse range of community settings.

1.7. To bring the project together, a project board meet up on six monthly basis to review performance against the set targets and to guide and steer the direction of the project. The board is ultimately responsible for its delivery, approving all major plans and authorising any changes from previously agreed plans.