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2. Strategic Highlights

2. SportsPound brand; A great deal of energy and resource was invested into the development of SportsPound as a concept. This took many months of input from the team of Activators, and as a result SportsPound is becoming a recognised brand amongst partners, residents and communities as a multi-faceted project that can help deliver shared health aims.

 Every activity, venue and agent provider involved in SportsPound is vetted and further helps to add credibility and reliability to the programme. This has enabled us to develop loyalty and trust from partners and participants, something which can be seen in the stories posted on social media. This notion of a SportsPound ‘family’ aligns clearly with Sport England insight confirming the importance of a support network.

 2.1. Accessibility through SportsPound website; The rationale for developing the website was to remove as many of the barriers to participation as possible. Whilst the nominator network still plays a key role in supporting participants, the process to help inactive people from referral to receipt of vouchers is simplified through the use of a site that people can register to. Over 90% of all registrations are now online and 70% of registrations come via tablet or smartphone. The site enables more people to access the project when they feel ready to do so and help towards increasing the likelihood of behaviour change taking place.

2.2. Comprehensive offer based on local need. The programme currently includes over 200 different activities and was initially based on insight gained from Sport England market segmentation. For most communities there is a ‘core offer’ including ‘back to’ and ‘walk to’ programmes, along with post-natal classes as well as Zumba, dance activity, boot camp activities, swimming and recreational running. There is also a fitness suite offer for those wishing to exercise indoors. Overall there is good geographical coverage with a varied network of nominators and providers, plus many signposting stakeholders.

2.3. The power of SportsPound – Further evidence of the strength of this partnership is the collaboration with the Active Centre newsletter which generated nearly 1,000 website hits in one day (Thursday 3rd January 2017).