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5. Year 2 and beyond; Opportunities for growth and sustainability

Based on the learning and emerging trends from Year 1, the following priorities will be implemented during Year 2 to ensure targets are achieved:

 5.1. Development of a clear and sustainable participation pathway;

  • The Activators are now established in their areas and are equipped with the opportunities and gaps in the pathway, and have the autonomy to negotiate offers in the programme to help make the project sustainable beyond 2018.
  • Developments to encourage an increase in the uptake by white males aged 14-25 and by women aged 26+ needs greater attention and exploration.
  • The inclusion offer is weak and is focused around swimming. In order to maintain or increase the number of people with a disability who participate the offer needs to be broadened.
  • We will aim to strengthen links with Circadian Trust sites and develop a generic offer.

 5.3. Expansion of social media through:

  • Developing social media expertise.
  • Continuing with a coordinated campaign including “boosted posts” to coincide with national campaigns to help generate exposure and engagement.

 5.3. Development of digital platform through:

  • Exploring possible links with the Active Card via the Active Partnership.
  • Considering the use of barcode technology to increase engagement e.g. Park Run.

 5.4. Improve customer focus, conversion and retention;

  • To use the South Gloucestershire Council Corporate Contact Centre to follow up online registrations via SMS, email and phone calls. This will help reduce the ‘lag’ in the registration process and lead to increasing conversion rates.
  • We will proactively seek feedback from customers to help expand the insight and understanding to ensure offers are future-proofed. This will be collected through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to capture data to inform the design of local initiatives and the development of resources to help people  participate in exercise.
  • Attend key focus events to give the team valuable insight on the behaviours and attitudes to physically activity across different geographical populations.
  • Team members to continue to undergo a range of training to better understand the customer base and extend behaviour change skills.
  • Get the most out of reporting systems and to use the database to target specific demographic groups/geographical areas as well as seeing gaps in provision.