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6. Electronic nicotine delivery devices

Many people are choosing to use electronic nicotine delivery devices (commonly referred to as e-cigarettes) to help them quit tobacco, even though there are alternative nicotine replacement licensed medicines available. Regular electronic cigarette use is confined almost entirely to current smokers and ex-smokers. Three in five users are current smokers, two in five are ex-smokers who have switched to vaping. According to the Smoking Study Toolkit electronic nicotine delivery devices are now the most popular quitting aid, and there is emerging evidence indicating that they can be effective for this purpose (PHE E-Cigs). As the lead authority, South Gloucestershire Council are keeping pace with developments in this area and a rolling position statement can be found on our website

  • We will continue to monitor uptake of electronic nicotine delivery devices.
  • We will work with our partners to promote access to safe regulated products.
  • We will ensure that e-cigarette users and vapers can easily access stop smoking services when making a quit attempt.