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Current performance

In 2014/15, 120,000 tonnes of waste was produced by households in South Gloucestershire, a decrease on the amount produced in the previous year. Over the past seven years waste collected by the authority has decreased by 9 percent and contrasts with the rise in housing growth over this same period. Recent decreases in overall waste have largely been the result of a reduction in garden waste collected at the kerbside following the introduction of a charge for the service in 2014.

The following graph shows that 47.5 percent of household waste was recycled in 2014/15, compared to 49 percent in the previous year. The decline in the recycling rate was the result of a reduction in the garden waste tonnage. The introduction of new kerbside services for mixed plastics, small electrical items and food and beverage cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak), alongside the introduction of standardised recycling services for flats at the start of 2014/15 has helped to reduce the impact of lower garden waste tonnages on the council’s recycling rate.

Figure 1: Quantity of household waste and method of disposal

Chart showing Quantity of household waste and method of disposal

Since the start of the contract with Suez (previously SITA) in 2000, the total amount of waste sent to landfill is now at its lowest point. In 2014/15 only 15 percent was sent to landfill compared to around over 90 percent in 2000. More material is now being diverted from landfill to alternative treatment technologies such as incineration with energy recovery, Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) and the recycling of street sweepings.