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Door knocking survey


To capture further feedback a doorstep survey was carried out to understand attitudes to the current service and the potential changes. A combination of properties that best represented the socio-demographic profile of the county as a whole were identified. The surveys were completed over a two week period and included some weekends; the team worked through the area knocking on doors on the designated streets. When a resident was at home the surveyor introduced themselves and ask the resident to participate. A total of 963 residents took part.


The key findings identified that participation in recycling was reasonably high at 57.5 percent with most saying they recycled everything and a further 37.5 percent saying they recycled most things.

Environmental concerns were a major motivator for recycling with 69.1 percent saying it was good for the environment or saves resources. 58.2 percent felt recycling reduced waste going to landfill and 45.2 percent mentioning reducing pollution.

Many residents struggled to identify barriers to recycling which was not really surprising given the high number who stated they participated. The most often mentioned improvement to the service was a free garden waste collection at 28.2 percent, while 13.4 percent said they wanted recycling collected more frequently and 13 percent requesting better containers. However, when specifically asked about increasing frequency of recycling the response was spilt with equal amounts of residents agreeing and disagreeing.

The majority use the black residual bin fortnightly 93.8 percent but over half felt they had some space in the black bin.

When asked to name one thing they liked about the current service, responses were spilt with a third providing no response. The most popular answer was the current service is efficient 14.7 percent and 11.9 percent felt the service was convenient and easy to use.

Leaflets and bin hangers were popular as a communication method as was the council website and email.


The door knocking survey was not as insightful as some of the other research. Participation levels of the black residual bin supported other research and participation in recycling was average across the streams with most people engaging in the survey.