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Waste management is an important part of the services provided by the council. The council has consulted on a new waste strategy to make the necessary changes for the next step in our waste performance. The changes are designed to:

  • reduce waste arisings
  • simplify the kerbside service for residents
  • improve participation in the recycling of waste
  • prevent waste being disposed of in landfill

The strategy sets out a number of key changes to the waste collection and disposal service. These include:

  • targeted campaigns to reduce food waste, help families find alternatives to disposable nappies and reduce junk mail
  • raising awareness of the environmental impact of waste and help residents understand what happens to their waste after it is collected
  • working with local schools and community groups to raise awareness of waste and recycling
  • promoting re-use by providing information on how to give away or sell items
  • exploring opportunities to open a second re-use shop at Mangotsfield recycling centre
  • exploring opportunities for electrical item re-use
  • re-energising recycling by increasing the frequency of recycling collections to weekly (all items on the same day)
  • stop collecting engine oil, car batteries and household batteries at the kerbside
  • residents can choose to continue using current white plastic and green cardboard bags and boxes or opt to just use boxes
  • reducing the size of the standard black bin from 240 litres to 140 litres
  • reducing the bin allowance for households receiving extra capacity from 380 litres to 240 litres

The Communities Committee will be considering the adoption of the strategy on 6 July 2016. The following document summarises the evidence and research completed to support the strategy.

The research was undertaken by the Waste Management Team in conjunction with Resource Futures. Specialist consultancy was also provided by Eunomia and Ricardo.